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A Digital Marketing Manager is a professional who works on various marketing campaigns to maintain a brand’s online presence and sales. A Digital Marketing Manager responsibilities include conducting research, strategizing with other professionals, and developing content for successful campaigns. So what is digital marketer job description? What you need to know about digital marketer job description? Here is your complete guide to digital marketer job description.

This Digital Marketing Manager job description template is easy to customize for your company and is optimized for posting in online job boards or careers pages.

Responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Manager include:

  • Web, SEO/SEM, email, social media, and display advertising campaigns are all planned.
  • Just Keep our social media presence consistent across all digital channels
  • All digital marketing campaigns’ performance must be measured and reported on.

Job description

We need to talk to you if you live and breathe digital marketing. We’re looking for a Digital Marketing Manager to create, implement, track, and optimize digital marketing campaigns across all channels.

digital marketer job description
digital marketer job description

What does a Digital Marketing Manager do?

You should have a solid understanding of current marketing tools and strategies and be able to lead integrated digital marketing campaigns from concept to execution. Digital marketing managers will collaborate with the marketing team, support teams (such as programmers), and vendors to launch campaigns on time and on budget.

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  • Plan and carry out all digital marketing campaigns, such as SEO/SEM, marketing databases, email, social media, and display advertising.
  • You Need to create, manage, and improve our social media presence.
  • Measure and report on the performance of all digital marketing campaigns, and compare it to the objectives (ROI and KPIs)
  • Determine trends and insights, and then optimize spend and performance based on the findings.
  • Develop innovative and creative growth strategies.
  • Experiments and conversion tests must be planned, executed, and measured.
  • You need to Work with internal teams to develop landing pages and improve the user experience.
  • Use strong analytical skills to evaluate the entire customer experience across multiple channels and customer touch points.
  • Optimize user funnels by instrumenting conversion points.
  • You Need to Work with agencies and other vendor partners to achieve your goals.
  • Consider new technologies.

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Requirements and skills

  • A BS/MS degree in marketing or a related field is required.
  • A Proven digital marketing work experience
  • AN Experience leading and managing SEO/SEM, marketing database, email, social media, and/or display advertising campaigns is required.
  • A Highly creative with a track record of identifying target audiences and developing digital campaigns that engage, inform, and motivate.
  • AN Extensive knowledge of optimizing landing pages and user funnels
  • AN A/B and multivariate experimentation experience
  • A Solid understanding of website analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics, NetInsight, Omniture, WebTrends)
  • A Working knowledge of ad serving tools is required (e.g., DART, Atlas)
  • A Knowledge of how to set up and optimize Google Adwords campaigns
  • The Understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development and constraints
  • A Strong analytical abilities and data-driven thinking are required.
  • A Stay current on the latest trends and best practices in online marketing and measurement.

What does a Digital Marketing Manager do?

Digital marketing managers use a variety of channels to reach out to customers, raise brand awareness, and promote products. They wear many hats, allowing them to be creative strategists with extensive knowledge of digital media planning strategies.

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What are the responsibilities and duties of a Digital Marketing Manager?

A Digital Marketing Manager is in charge of creating and implementing strategies to promote the products of a company or brand. They can manage various channels such as social media networks, Google Ads, website content, and email marketing to deliver a compelling and consistent marketing message to their target audience.

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What characteristics distinguish a good Digital Marketing Manager?

A successful Digital Marketing Manager must be able to write and upload copy to websites and other platforms, optimize images for their website, and understand how marketing affects their company’s goals. They must also provide accurate reports on the Return on Investment of their marketing campaigns in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of specific campaigns.

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With whom does a Digital Marketing Manager collaborate?

Digital Marketing Managers are usually part of a small team of marketing professionals. Different marketers are in charge of various channels such as SEO, PPC, and email marketing. These Digital Marketing Manager teams are led by a Marketing Manager who prioritizes tasks and directs the team’s overall marketing efforts.

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